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As medical professionals of Global Med+Outreach we are given the opportunity to demonstrate our Father’s love to those who lack access to health care. Our non-profit organization utilizes both registered nurses and volunteers, to bring awareness to the critical health care needs many third world countries continue to live without.

Through local fundraising and private donations we are able to deliver essential medical supplies and equipment to countries and communities we are teamed with. This allows the onsite nurses and volunteers to successfully administer the basic health care procedures local residents require.

With proper cooperation Global Med+Outreach is able to ensure that every community receives the appropriate medical supplies necessary to properly care for the residents. These communities are continuously exposed to extreme living conditions including but not limited to severe poverty, contaminated water and food supplies, and deplorable living conditions.

Global Med+Outreach is an outlet that provides the care needed to combat treatable diseases such as measles, malnutrition related illnesses or routine infections that would otherwise go untreated. While our nurses and volunteers are faced with many challenges they are continuously supported through our own local communities as well as our partners. Working on the mission field and being given the opportunity to spread God’s love is what we as children of Christ have been called to do and Global Med+Outreach has given us the opportunity to follow His word.

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord, and He will repay Him for His deed.” Proverbs 19:17

Main Objectives Are To Provide

First Aid CPR & Medical Training

First Aid & Medical Supplies

Free Clinics